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Why do you need to see a dental hygienist?

by Admin on August 24, 2012

In this blog post we thought it would be good to highlight the role of a dental hygienist within the dental practice. Dentists are often recommending that you see  hygienist , but why is this?

Gum disease is when your gums become infected, this is indicated by red, swollen or puffy and even bleeding gums. If left untreated this gum disease can turn into what we call periodontitis. This is a much more serious disease and affects the bone surrounding your teeth, if this bone becomes infected then it has a tendency to shrink. This shrinking means that ultimately your teeth can become loose and fallout in extreme cases.

As gum disease is the precursor to periodontitis it is a good idea to treat it at an early stage!

Even if you clean your teeth with an electric toothbrush, it is still possible to occasionally miss difficult to reach areas. These difficult to reach areas are typically the places between your teeth. The role of a dental hygienist is to work in close partnership with the dentist, to spot the early warning signs of gum disease which may be invisible to you as the patient. The dental hygienist is able to detect early gum disease and treat it effectively.

As you will know, the more you do something the more proficient and efficient you become at it. This is the same with dental hygienists, because they are specially trained in oral hygiene they are able to treat gum problems and look after your oral health in a much more efficient way.

A dental hygienist does so much more than clean your teeth! They are an integral part of the dental team, and in fact, can save you a great deal of money at the dentist by helping you keep your teeth healthy.

So there are so many reasons that you need to continue to visit your dental hygienist, and now you know exactly what they do, making an appointment is simple by calling us on (01923) 233600.

Senova Dental Studios are a Watford-based dental practice with a keen interest in helping you keep your teeth healthy for life by visiting a dental hygienist. More information about our hygienist in Watford can be found here.

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