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Link Between Poor Gum Health And Pneumonia

by Dr Jay Padayachy on January 4, 2012

As many of you may already know there have been proven links between
gum/periodontal disease and systemic diseases such as heart disease.
This recent report from the USA now shows that there is a link between
poor gum health and pneumonia. Click on the link to read more. Here at
Senova we take gum health very seriously hence the time we encourage you
to invest in your home care as well as the time spent with our excellent
team of hygienists.


Dr Jay Padayachy


A graduate of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Dental school, Dr Padayachy has been a dentist at the award winning Senova Dental Studios in Watford since 1998 focusing on comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Jay has previously been the president of The London Dental Fellowship.

He has been a member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry since its inception and serves on the Credentialing committee. Jay has lectured widely on all aspects of cosmetic dentistry, dental photography and comprehensive care.
Dr Jay Padayachy

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