One of the most popular treatments today in orthodontic dentistry is Six Month Smiles, this is because this particular type of tooth straightening treatment is not only fast (typically six months) but it is also almost invisible as tooth coloured brackets are used during the treatment.

In this blog post we want to review some of the treatment results from Six Month Smiles so that you are better able to see before and after photographs and have a chance to review these cases yourself. As you read through this post, we recommend you compare your own situation with that of the people shown, and ask yourself how you would like your teeth to look after orthodontic treatment. This is always a good place to start as it tells us the extent of the tooth movement, we can then work out the best orthodontic therapy to you.

Six Month Smiles case review 1

This patient disliked the fact that there to front teeth seemed to be angled backwards and the laterals (the teeth either side of the two front teeth) were angled forwards. You can see from this photograph from the side that the amount of rotation was quite severe. The Six Month Smiles braces were able to re-align the teeth very neatly as you can see in the after photograph.

You will also notice in the book for photograph that the shape of the lateral incisor on the right of the photograph is more rounded at the tip. In the after photograph this has been smoothed off and flattened. In many cases orthodontics moves the teeth to the correct position and then a small amount of dental bonding or gentle reduction of the tooth allows us to reshape it in a way that is right for you.

six month smile case review one


Six Month Smiles Case review two

In the before photograph you can clearly see that both the upper and lower teeth are quite crooked. Many times orthodontics is not the only treatment undertaken, and sometimes it is used in combination with dental bonding (to add small areas to the tooth), reshaping of the tooth and teeth whitening to ensure a whiter and brighter smile.

Six Month Smiles Case review two


Six Month Smiles Case review three

This case highlights one of the areas for concern that people with crooked teeth complain about, and that is black spaces or triangles between the teeth-especially towards the insiders and edge or tip of the tooth. If you look at the two front teeth in this case, you can see that the tips do not meet towards the centre. This has the result of creating a black triangle which looks unsightly.

By simply re-aligning the teeth with Six Month Smiles it is possible to make the whole arch line look far more attractive and appealing.

Another thing to notice is that the lateral incisor on the right of the photograph (on the patient’s left) looks darker. This is an optical illusion due to the fact that the toth is set back and out of the arch line. When teeth are in standing like this the result is a shadowed area, and by using Six Month Smiles orthodontic braces it is possible to bring this to into line, reducing the shadow area and giving the overall effect of the tooth looking lighter.

Six Month Smiles Case review three

More information on six month smiles can be found here.

If you are interested in Six Month Smiles treatments then please fill in the voucher form at the top right of our website where you can claim a refund of your initial assessment fee. Senova dental practice is pleased to see patients from around the Watford area including Chorleywood, Rickmansworth, St Albans, Gerrards Cross, Kings Langley, Croxley Green and around the Hertfordshire area.




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