Orthodontic treatment at Senova Dental Studios in central Watford

We bring you Part 1 of a regular blog from Chloe, who is about to embark on a course of orthodontic treatment at Senova Dental Studios. We will give you regular updates on how the treatment is progressing, including the initial consultation, “before” photographs, the brace fitting, the highs, the lows, the brace removal, then finally the Senova smile! We start with both mum’s and daughter’s perspective of what brought them to Senova.

Mum: ”There is much publicity about children being forced to grow up too soon, and I must say it concerns me too. So when my 11 year old daughter Chloe, was told by her first orthodontist (NOT at Senova) that she had to go into her consultation…. alone, I must admit, this raised alarm bells for me.”

“What could she possibly be told that I was not going to be allowed to hear? I soon found out, as we were shunted through the post-appointment consultation. She had been told horror stories by the orthodontist about what could be the consequences to her teeth, if she didn’t take the one option they were saying was available to her; this being the removal of a perfectly healthy tooth, filing down other good teeth and quite literally if she didn’t do it NOW there was no option but to wait until she was 21 to pay for it herself!”

“Quite understandably Chloe was distraught and when I raised my serious concerns and asked what alternative options we had, my concerns were dismissed by the Orthodontist; I was treated with disdain and was promptly asked not to make a fuss, to sign the paperwork and move along. I decided it really was time to find somewhere else!”

“We decided to go for a second opinion. I had heard about Senova Dental Studios (centrally located opposite the Harlequin Centre in Watford) and they came highly recommended, but understandably we were bruised and doubtful about dentists in general. Thankfully we found the rave reviews well founded. The treatment we received from the initial telephone call, to our first consultation were exemplary. We were both treated with concern, consideration and understanding… what a world of difference!”

“Everything was explained, options were discussed, recommendations were given but not forced upon us. Everything was consultative and for this reason Chloe became visibly relaxed under the care of Dr Asif Chatoo and Dr Jay Padayachy. She became happy and willing to go ahead with her extensive 18 month treatment plan. Oh and the good news is… she has managed to keep ALL her teeth! Here’s what Chloe had to say about her experience:”

“When I first went to Senova Dental Studios I was really scared but the kind smiles and reassurances from every single one of the staff made me relax very quickly.
The reason I was scared was because an orthodontist that I went to before was saying that I had to do lots of things to my mouth – which there was no reason for doing, as Senova proved; this was a huge relief when I found out. The orthodontists at the place I used to go to seemed like they didn’t care what they were saying and just moved us on without fully explaining it and Senova did the complete opposite, they took time and care to explain it to us and if we didn’t understand something then they would explain it again.”

Read Chloe’s seconds part of her
orthodontics experience

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