Implant placement follow up advice from Senova Dental Studios in Watford

If this procedure has been carried out under sedation it is essential to follow the post-operative instructions given to you.

Always remember that a clean and healthy mouth heals more rapidly than a neglected one.

  • Take care to have warm, not hot drinks until the effects of the local anaesthetic have worn off
  • Expect to have some swelling around the operation area and if upper teeth were treated, some swelling under your eyes may occur. To avoid this happening, sleep upright on 2-3 pillows and apply an ice pack regularly for 24-48 hours
  • Stitches usually dissolve around 7-21 days
  • If a bone graft has been placed you may notice small granules appearing in your mouth
  • If you have been prescribed antibiotics, please take the whole course
  • Take a painkiller e.g. Panadol or Nurofen before the effects of the local anaesthetic wears off, and every 4-6 hours for a few days after
  • Some post-operative bleeding is normal. If this persists, apply pressure with a dampened gauze to the affected area for 20-30 minutes
  • If you have any queries about your post-operative condition do not hesitate to contact Senova Dental Studios
If you have an emergency contact Senova Dental Studios on 01923 233600