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What Does A Family Dentist In Watford Do?

by Dr Jay Padayachy on March 30, 2021
What does a family dentist do

For many people, good oral hygiene maintenance is only necessary for having pearly white and healthy teeth. Except that according to the American Dental Association, our health directly affects our physical health and wellbeing. This is because the oral cavity serves are a gateway to the entire body. If the mouth is unhealthy, it will also affect other parts of the body. That is why regular dental checkups are necessary for your entire family, and this is where a family dentist becomes important. 

This article explains everything you need to know about family dentistry and how you and your family can benefit from visiting a family dental practice. 

Why Do You Need A Family Dentist, What Are The Benefits?

Imagine taking each of your family members to different dental practices for their checkups. It would practically be a waste of time, energy and hard-earned money – not to mention about the days you will have to take off from work, or your kid’s school. But what if you could take your entire family to the same dental practice on the same day? Wouldn’t that be easier?

If you go to a family general dentist, they will look after the dental care needs of your entire family, setting their appointments in a way that all of them can be treated at the same time, and you don’t to visit multiple times. This is because the skilled team of a general dentist is trained to take care of the individual dental treatment needs of all your family members.

What Do People Look For In Choosing A Dentist?

When looking for a dentist for your family, there are few things that you must consider, as per the National Health Service (NHS). First, make sure that the dental practice offers all the services that your family needs. For example, if one of your kids need orthodontic treatment, make sure that the practice you’re considering has the necessary facilities available. Another important thing to consider is the qualifications and experience of the dentist.

Most importantly, choose a practice that is near to your home or office. You don’t want to spend too much time or money on just the commute. It would be ideal if the practice you’re considering opens early morning or late evenings, so you can take your family for a dental checkup without affecting your work schedule. 

Finally, utilize the power of the internet and social media. Search for the reviews of patients who have, or are visiting the dentist’s office you are considering. You can also ask your friends and colleagues about their experiences with dental practices. 

Is It Safe To Visit A Family Dentist During Covid 19?

 According to the British Dental Association, it is absolutely safe to visit your family dentist during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because your dentist is trained in taking all precautionary measures to protect his staff and patients from communicable diseases, especially COVID-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many family dentistry practices have enforced additional preventive dentistry measures to further minimise the risk of cross-infection. Therefore, there is no issue in visiting your dentist as long as you follow all the Standard OperatingPractices (SOPs) and guidelines set by the Government and the dentist’s office. 

Why Is Family Dentistry Important For Oral Health?

According to the World Health Organization, oral disease poses a major healthcare burden that causes significant pain, discomfort, economic loss and morbidity! There are many serious health diseases that originate in the oral cavity and then pass through it to other body organs. For example, the bacterial in the infected gums can enter the local bloodstream to be carried to the lungs, resulting in respiratory problems. Similarly, bacteria in teeth cavities can be inhaled or ingested through food, leading to a host of medical problems. 

So, visiting a family dentist is not just important to keep your family’s teeth healthy and sparkling; According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is also necessary to make sure they remain healthy and enjoy an active lifestyle. 

The importance of looking after your teeth

How Can Having A Good Dentist Change Your Life?

A good dentist will not just focus on treating dental problems as they come. Instead, they will check your entire family’s oral health status at every checkup by performing a detailed clinical examination. They will also use special equipment to diagnose developing problems so that they can be treated timely before they cause permanent damage – so that you don’t have to spend money on dental problems that can be easily avoided in the first place through preventive dentistry. 

What Services Does The Family Dentist Offer? 

A family dental practice is focused on providing all the necessary dental services for your family needs such as professional cleanings, dental fillings, or a dental implant. A major part of the services provided by family dentistry practices is preventive dentistry. 

If your kids are involved in contact sports like football, soccer or rugby, where there are high chances of tooth injuries, your family dentist will give them mouthguards. A mouthguard is a removable appliance that protects your teeth and gums from injury in case of a collision or accident. Similarly, if a family member has a habit of grinding their teeth, your dentist will give them nightguards, which are appliances that prevent your teeth damage when you grind them excessively. 

Children's mouthguards

Similarly, if the dentist finds that your kids are at high risk for developing teeth cavities, he will apply sealants on them which protect them food impaction and subsequent bacterial attack that leads to cavities. 

If you are living in Watford, Senova Dental Studios is the best practice for all your family dental needs. Whether it is teeth whitening for your partner, tooth coloured fillings for you, or Invisalign aligners for your kids, we offer all services under one roof.

Book an appointment today to get an £85 refund on your initial consultation (Redeemable against hygiene appointments), and walk away with a healthy, lasting and beautiful smile.

Dr Jay Padayachy

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