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Emergency Dentist in Watford, Hertfordshire

We are pleased to help the local people of Watford, Garston and Bushey with a range of emergency dental problems. There is nothing worse than being in extreme dental pain and being unable to find a dentist able to provide an emergency dentist appointment.

what is a dental emergency?

We would categorise emergency treatment at anything which includes:

  • Severe pain of dental origin which does not go away.
  • Infection or abscess, usually resulting in a swelling of the face.
  • A broken tooth which is either causing severe pain or is bleeding from inside the tooth itself.
  • A tooth which had been knocked out (avulsed).
  • Bleeding from a tooth socket following recent dental treatment which does not stop after 20 min.
  • Mouth ulcers which persist for more than 14 days.

How to get an emergency dentist appointment

If you have any of the above we strongly advise you to contact the practice as soon as possible, the best way to do this is by calling 01923 233600. If the practice is closed please follow the instructions on the answerphone to access our emergency dental service.

What is not a dental emergency?

The following symptoms do not usually constitute a dental emergency:

  • A minor tooth ache.
  • A broken tooth which does not have any associated severe pain or bleeding.
  • A missing Crown or other restoration which does not have any associated severe pain.
  • Loose, wobbly or uncomfortable dentures.
  • Sensitive teeth or gums.
  • A new mouth ulcer which has been present for less than 10 days.

If you have any of the above symptoms we recommend you contact the practice using the regular contact form on this website.

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