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Senova Dental Studios Case of the Month - Dental Veneers

Mark came to the practice wanting a new smile. He had done a lot of research and chose the practice due to the advanced training we had all undertaken.

Veneers Case Study

After a thorough discussion and comprehensive examination we came up with a plan to meet his expectations.

Minimal preparation veneers were provided to not only create a bright new smile but also improve the function of the teeth.

Luke Barnett, the ceramist, was closely involved in the design of the smile and colour choice and we are fortunate that his state of the art lab is only 300 metres from the practice.

Total treatment time from examination to fitting was 6 weeks and Mark was delighted with the end result.

"My teeth were stained, discoloured, chipped and I had massive gaps and gum recession.

I did my research eight months before choosing Senova Dental. It’s completely changed my life, I had no idea the effects of having confidence would have on every aspect of my life. It was far beyond anything I could ever have imagined. It really was just mind blowing!."
To find out more about Veneers at Senova Dental Studios call today on01923 233600
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