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Dental Charges in Watford, Hertfordshire

Our fees are affordable and based on the quality of the materials we use as well as our expertise in performing your dental treatment.

Embark on a journey of dental discovery at Senova Dental Studios, where we understand that transparency and value are as important as the treatment itself. Our fees reflect our commitment to providing exceptional care without compromising on quality or safety. With us, you’re not just investing in dental procedures; you’re investing in a lifelong partnership for a healthier, happier smile.

At Senova Dental Studios, we believe that your comfort should never come at a premium. That’s why we offer competitive pricing tailored to meet your needs, without sacrificing the spa-like amenities and advanced technology that define our practice. Our detailed fee structure is designed to guide you through your dental journey with clarity and confidence. Whether you're enjoying a soothing cup of tea in our massage chairs or benefiting from our leading-edge dental technology, you can be assured that every detail is aligned with our philosophy of stability, innovation, and patient-centered care.

We offer a 10% discount on some treatments when booked in advance so contact us for more details. (Excludes any current offers, vouchers or new patient exams).

Your Treatment, Our Priority

We don't want the expense to prevent you from benefiting from the quality of dental care you desire and need.

From those formative years to parenthood and later life, the advances in dentistry mean there is no excuse for not keeping your smile.

Here is a quick reference guide to our treatments and fees.


There is absolutely no charge for your routine dental examination when carried out during your hygiene appointment.

New Patient Consultation (12yrs +)

Includes tooth, gum, bite assessment, review of medical and dental history, and is INCLUSIVE of ALL digital radiographs and photographs as required. A fully itemised treatment plan and estimate will be provided.

New Patient Child Consultation (5-11yrs)

Includes tooth and gum assessment, review of medical and dental history, digital radiographs and photographs as required. A treatment plan with estimate will be given, if appropriate.

Hygiene Services

Using advanced screening methods, our highly trained hygienists can determine the level of infection (gum disease) in your mouth. Advice and education on how to achieve good gum health and prevent further periodontal problems. Hygiene services include a dental examination.

Adult hygiene services.

Children's hygiene services.

Ongoing routine hygiene appointments

Regular visits to maintain optimal oral health. Includes a hygiene appointment, full tooth and gum assessment, oral cancer screening and a dental examination with the dentist, if required.

"I have no hesitation in saying you were worth every penny. I know skills such as yours come from only hard work and dedication and all I can say is that I’m very lucky to have such a nice guy for my dentist."
Mrs B. (Rickmansworth)

White Fillings

Directly placed tooth coloured restorations, artistically crafted to match the front teeth or to fill smaller cavities in the back teeth.
From £160


Tooth coloured restorations for larger cavities. Inlays are custom made in a laboratory and chemically bonded to help reinforce the teeth.
From £890


Custom made full coverage restorations to restore heavily filled teeth.
From £890

Porcelain Laminate Veneers

Thin porcelain facings, bonded to the teeth. They can be used to correct the shape, colour and arrangement of teeth.

Tooth Whitening

Brighten, whiten and improve your smile using home (tray) whitening.

Power whitening.

Single dark tooth whitening from.
From £169

Dental Implants

Replace a missing tooth or fill a gap without drilling away the adjacent teeth. All prices subject to consultation.

Implant consultation with oral surgeon.

Implant Placement (excluding restoration).
From £1,500

From £1,500


Straightening of crowded teeth or closing gaps with braces. All prices subject to consultation.

Consultation for assessment.

Labial fixed braces.
From £2,500

Lingual braces (on the inside of teeth).
From £5,500

Invisalign (series of custom-made, nearly invisible, removable aligners.
From £3,000

Other Treatment Fees

Fissure Sealants.


From £300 per hour

Emergency appointments £62 for patients not currently members of the practice plus any additional treatment fees.

Interest Free Finance

Available for treatment over £1,000. It is completely interest free over a period of 6 months to 1 year, use our calculator below to work out your repayments.

Finance is offered subject to credit checks. Proof of identity is required (passport or driving licence). Written quotations available on request.

Please feel free to ask a member of reception staff if you have any queries.

Do you need more information about treatment costs at Senova Dental Studios?
Give us a call 01923 233600
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