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Smile Makeovers in Watford, Hertfordshire

If you're looking for a stunning 'smile makeover near me' done by a team of cosmetic dentistry experts in Watford, then our modern and friendly clinic can help.

When we improve smiles, we improve lives!

Smile design and its execution require artistic ability and extensive knowledge to ensure a natural looking, beautiful result.

Face shape, tooth shape and colour, tooth size, bite and the way the jaw works as well as the age of the patient all play an important part in the decisions ensuring the quality, functionality and longevity of your stunning smile.

Our smile makeover service has successfully transformed many of our patients’ lives in as few as 2-4 visits.

Dr. Padayachy’s achieved the Masters in Advanced Aesthetic dentistry and his world-class expertise in the field of cosmetic dentistry is recognised and respected throughout the profession.

Smile Makeover near me Case Study

How does the smile makeover process look like?

Our smile makeover specialists use porcelain laminate veneers which are wafer-thin shells of ceramic material bonded to the front of teeth.

  • Porcelain veneers are placed to mask discolouration, brighten teeth, change shape or change arrangement of teeth.
  • Veneers are highly resistant to permanent staining and they provide a much more conservative approach to improving a smile.
  • Veneers will last for many years when the techniques involved are performed properly.
"I was so thrilled with the results of my smile lift, I was speechless. I still find it hard to believe that I am the proud owner of straight, white teeth.
Mrs W. (Leighton Buzzard)

3 stages of the Senova Dental smile makeover:

1. Diagnosis and treatment planning

A full consultation takes place where the patient and the dentist are equally involved in the decision making. Photographs are taken and all fees discussed.

2. Impression

A short appointment is necessary to take an impression of your existing smile. This impression is sent to the laboratory and used to make a template from which the dentist creates your new smile. This is called a wax-up.

3. Visual diagnostic try-in

This optional appointment can be helpful to some patients who wish to preview the finished result before embarking upon any treatment. It involves using plastic material to copy the wax-up and transfer this to the patient’s mouth.

Smile Makeover Case Study
"I can now relax when I smile without the self-conscious feeling that I must not show my teeth. This was a permanent stress-inducing concern until I experienced the feeling of relaxation following the confidence given to me by my smile makeover. I thank the team for all the professional skills, care and attention shown to me."
Mr F. (Hemel Hempstead)


Approximately 7-10 days after the impression is taken your teeth are lightly buffed and contoured to allow for the small added thickness of the veneers. Temporary veneers are fitted. These temporaries are in plastic material but, in every other respect, are identical to the finished result giving the patient a chance to preview the final smile.


Approximately 4-7 days later the patient returns to discuss their findings. Any adjustments can be made at this time. (There may be as many review appointments as necessary until the patient is happy.)


Approximately 7-10 days later the patient returns to have the permanent, porcelain veneers fitted.

This process, from start to finish, can take as little as 3 weeks although 4-6 weeks is more usual.

Early on in the process the patient will see the ceramist so that he/she can choose the colour they desire.

Hygiene appointments may be required if there are any gum problems.


A review appointment will take place 1-2 weeks after the placement of the veneers to ensure that everything is looking great. A thorough home care regime of brushing and inter-dental cleaning is necessary to ensure the longevity of your veneers. This is no more onerous than that necessary to preserve the health of natural teeth.

Take a look at our smile makeover portfolio to see the outstanding results and read of our patients’ delight as well as the boost to their self-esteem.

Smile Makeover Case Study

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To find out more about Smile Makeovers at Senova Dental Studios call today on01923 233600
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