How To Stop Tooth Pain Fast?

Imagine having severe toothache at 2 am on a Saturday! You can’t go to the dentist as they will be closed. So, how can you stop tooth pain fast? Don’t worry; there are ways to control tooth pain immediately. This blog will teach you various pain management techniques that you can use to control tooth pain while you wait for your dentist to address the underlying issue. 

So, continue reading to learn more about quick dental pain management. 

What Are Some Of The Common Causes Of Tooth Pain?

Toothache can occur due to various reasons. Some of the common causes of tooth pain are:

  • Tooth Decay – tooth decay is one of the most common causes of dental pain. This type of pain occurs when the outer layer of a tooth, the enamel is destroyed and exposes the underlying nervous tissues that cause pain when they are exposed to the oral environment. 
  • Dental infection – a dental infection, such as an abscess or gum disease can cause severe pain. 
  • Trauma – another common cause of dental pain is trauma to the tooth structures which can injure the soft tissue or the teeth. 
  • Something Stuck Between the Teeth –  an object stuck between two teeth can exert pressure and cause severe pain. 
  • Pericoronitis – this is a condition in which the soft tissues surrounding a partially impacted wisdom tooth become inflamed and cause severe pain and discomfort. 

How To Stop Tooth Pain Fast?

If you or a loved one is having severe pain, there are ways to stop it immediately. First, take a quick look inside your mouth and see if there is any foreign object stuck between your teeth. Any object stuck between the teeth can be removed gently with dental floss. If you cannot remove it, don’t try to exert excessive force and call your dentist for an emergency appointment. 

Another method to stop dental pain immediately is to take an over-the-counter pain medication. Most painful dental situations can be relieved with a painkiller. 

How To Stop Tooth Pain Fast At Home At Night?

If you are having toothache at home and that too at night, the first thing to do is call your dentist on their emergency number. Next, try to find the source of the pain, such as a swelling or an object stuck between your teeth. The quickest way to relieve dental pain is to take pain medication. You may also try to apply clove oil around the affected area, as it also has pain-relieving and soothing properties. However, make sure not to put any medication, even cloves, directly inside or on the affected tooth as it may burn the exposed dental tissues. 

What Is The Best Way To Relieve The Pain From A Broken Tooth?

A broken tooth will be painful if the underlying nervous tissue, the pulp has become exposed. In such cases, it is advisable to take any pain medication and call your dentist immediately for an urgent appointment. At the same time, you may chew a sugar-free gum and apply it over the damaged tooth so that it does not cause when exposed to air. The permanent solution for a broken tooth is restoration with a filling or dental crown

Hole In Tooth Pain Relief

If you have a hole in the tooth, it can become painful when the underlying pulp tissue, which contains nerves and blood vessels, is exposed to the oral cavity. Such pain is very severe. However, it can be relieved with a painkiller in the initial stages. Over time, the pulp becomes inflamed irreversibly. At this stage, it cannot be relieved with pain medication and has to be treated with a root canal procedure. 

How To Relieve My Toothache From A Decaying Tooth?

As mentioned earlier, pain from a decayed tooth can be relieved initially with pain medication. However, once the underlying pulp gets irreversibly inflamed, the only solution is to remove the damaged pulp, clean the tooth’s interior and fill it with an inert material. According to the British Endodontic Society, this procedure is known as a root canal treatment. 

Can Salt Water Help With Tooth Nerve Pain?

Salt water is effective in relieving dental pain. The recommended method of use is to mix a couple of teaspoons of salt with a warm glass of water. Rinsing salt water not only helps relieve tooth pain but also helps reduce swelling and inflammation. So yes, salt water is an effective method for treating dental pain. You should try this option if you have pain in one of your teeth at night and you cannot visit your dentist. Taking a painkiller along with salt water may provide added pain relief. 

Dental Treatment Near Me

In virtually all cases, the root cause of tooth pain is poor oral hygiene maintenance. If you visit your dentist regularly for checkups, you can save yourself from different types of toothaches. This is because, during routine examinations, your dentist will identify underlying issues and treat them well before they cause pain or permanent damage. 

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