As we start to get older, it becomes increasingly important to monitor our health and wellbeing, and that’s certainly true of teeth and gums.

A lot of our mature patients have issues with gum health. Your gums are much more at risk of receding as you get older, leading to the roots being exposed, decay setting in and the possible loss of the tooth. Here at Senova, our dentists and hygienists will keep a regular look out for any early signs of problems and can advise on diet or oral health techniques to combat certain conditions associated with age.

The incidence of oral cancer also gets far higher as you get older, and again we are perfectly placed to monitor for this, with screening carried out as part of every examination. The good news is that oral cancer is one of the most treatable cancers if spotted early enough.

Dry mouth (or Xerostomia to give it its clinical name) can also become more of a problem as the years progress, and is often associated with certain medications such as high blood pressure and anti-depressant tablets. Dry mouth can be very uncomfortable and can lead to rampant tooth decay very quickly. We will be able to advise on treatments and ways to alleviate the symptoms.

Finally it is inevitable that teeth can fail, which is hardly surprising given how much work they do! Any of the Senova dentists are happy to explain all the options to you if this should happen, which might include dentures, implants or bridges. Did you know that even if you have none of your natural teeth left, you should still see your dentist regularly? We can check that the gums around your dentures are still healthy.

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