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Periodontal Disease Advice in Watford, Hertfordshire

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums, and the bone that surrounds the teeth.

Most people who have periodontal disease aren’t even aware of it.

This is true. It’s rarely painful, especially in the early stages.

What is the main cause of periodontal disease?

The main cause of periodontal disease is the accumulation of plaque.

Plaque is the sticky film of food and bacteria that forms constantly on your teeth. It’s hard to see plaque. You must remove all of the plaque each day, or else it builds up and mineralises to become tartar, which is also called calculus.

Bacteria produce toxins, and it’s these toxins combined with your body’s reaction to them that destroys bone around your teeth.

Can you remove tartar by brushing and flossing?

NO. It takes professional help to remove tartar. There’s no way for you to remove it at home, a toothbrush or floss won’t even budge it. If it isn’t removed it starts to get onto the root surfaces.

What are the warning signs of periodontal disease?

  • Persistent bad breath
  • Bleeding of the gums when brushing or flossing
  • Soft, swollen, tender gums or gums shrinking away from the teeth
  • Loose teeth, and changes in the spaces between your teeth which reflect changes in the underlying bone
  • A person can also have periodontal disease and experience none of these warning signs

What is a Sulcus?

A sulcus is the crevice between the tooth and the gums.

What is a healthy sulcus?

A healthy sulcus is two to three millimetres deep.

What is a pocket?

When plaque and tartar invade a sulcus and it becomes deeper than three millimeters, we call it a pocket.

True or False, once bone has been lost, it NEVER grows back.

This is true.

What happens when too much bone is lost and there’s little support for the teeth?

Teeth become loose and may have to be removed.

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