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Teething advice from Senova Dental Studios in Watford

Average deciduous teething dates

  • Lower Central Incisors: 5-7 months / Upper Central Incisors: 6-8 months / Lower Lateral Incisors: 9-11 months / Upper Lateral Incisors: 10-12 months / Canines: 16-20 months / First Molars: 12-16 months / Second Molars: 20-30 months
  • A rough rule of thumb is that the age in months minus six gives the average numbers of teeth, up to age 2 years.
  • First give the child teething objects to bite. Cold objects give greatest relief so teething rings can be kept in the fridge. All teething rings should be safe and easy to clean.
  • Foods containing carbohydrate should be avoided during this period. You can use chilled carrots or celery.
  • If pain is troublesome use the appropriate dose of paracetamol elixir, preferably sugar-free. This may be given regularly, every 4-6 hours.
  • If additional analgesia is required, lignocaine-based teething gels should be used.
  • If desired, homeopathic teething powder can be used.

Behavioural changes

Teething is almost certainly a little uncomfortable for the child. The gums swell and are tender to palpation just prior to tooth eruption. Children will chew their fingers and can drool excessively. Other observations are lip and object biting, irritability, restlessness and night crying. These observations parallel those reported by authorities in veterinary medicine. Dogs have increased salivation, loss of appetite and irritability when their teeth erupt. Monkeys become irritable and hyperactive and exhibit increased biting activity. Other signs commonly attributed to teething such as diarrhoea, cough, ear rubbing, rashes, fever and convulsions, have not been found to have any relationship to teething. These signs are much more likely to have other causes related to minor gastric infections as the child develops their own immunity, having put so many new objects in their mouths. This will happen whether we provide these objects or NOT.

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